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  • English: The "Veronica" (from "Vera Icon", "Real Effigy") is a piece of cloth said to represent the Real Effigy of Jesus, appeared on it after it served to dry his sweat during the Crucifixion. The name of the cloth was made by pious legends into the name of a legendary woman (Saint Veronica), so that the cloth itself become to be commonly known as the "Veil of Veronica" (whereas the cloth itself is the Veronica). -- Around the Christian world there are several such relics (see for an example the Mandylion), many of which had a lasting impact on art history, since they were reproduced again and again as the "real portrait" of Jesus. However, after the most famous of such specimens in the Western world, the Mandylion of Edessa in the Lateran "sancta sanctorum", faded dramatically, the place of "popular icon of Jesus' face" shifted to the Turin Syndone, making the once immensely famous Veronica into an half-neglected item.
  • Deutsch: Schweißtuch Christi, Schweißtuch der Hl. Veronika.
  • Français : La Sainte Face
  • Italiano: Veronica, Sudario, Volto Santo.
  • Svenska: Veronicas svetteduk.
Velo della Veronica (it); Voile de Véronique (fr); Veronikin rubac (hr); Santa Faç (ca); fernagl (cy); Véu de Verônica (pt); 韋羅尼加的聖帕 (zh); Плат Вероники (ru); ヴェロニカのヴェール (ja); Превезот на Вероника (mk); Veronikina šatka (sk); Kerudung Veronika (id); Veraicon (pl); Schweißtuch der Veronika (de); Veronikin rubac (sh); 耶穌的汗巾 (zh-hant); 耶稣的汗巾 (zh-cn); Veraikon (cs); Santa Faz (es); Veil of Veronica (en); Sankta Vualo (eo); 耶稣的汗巾 (zh-hans); Veronikas svetteduk (sv) reliquia cristiana (it); morceau de tissu qui serait couvert de l'image de la face du Christ (fr); Acheiropoieton der katholischen Kirche (de); sweat cloth relic of St. Veronica (en) Volto Santo (it); 聖ヴェロニカのヴェール (ja); Sainte Face (fr); Sudarium, Holy Face, Vera Icon, vernicle (en); Vualo de Veroniko (eo); Veroničina rouška (cs); 耶稣的汗巾 (zh)
Schweißtuch der Veronika 
Acheiropoieton der katholischen Kirche
Francisco de Zurbarán - Veil of Veronica - BF.1980.9 - Museum of Fine Arts.jpg
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Ist ein(e)Christusreliquie,
Holy Face of Jesus,
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MotivJesus Christus
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