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Viscount is an Italian manufacturer of musical instruments, mainly organs.

The company was established over 100 years ago by Antonio Galanti in the small Italian village of Mondaino. Currently, Viscount manufactures numerous models of both pipe organs, and digital organs as well as digital pianos.


  • Corporate History. Mondaino, Italy: Viscount International SpA.
  • Manufacturers and Brands: Galanti.
    "The Galanti accordion factory in Mondaino, Italy, (active 1898 - 1974) was founded by Domenico, Egidio and Robusto Galanti, sons of accordion builder Antonio Galanti, at the end of the 19th century. In 1920 they started exporting to New York as "Galanti Bros". In 1959 the sons of Egidio Galanti set up "Galanti Egidio Mondaino S.r.l" (GEM) which focussed on electronic instruments (altough it seems that 1951 and 1955 there was a "Galanti Egidio" accordion brand). Marcello Galanti left in 1969 to set up electronic organ manufacturer Viscount, GEM became Generalmusic which is still managed by Matteo Galanti. A history of Galanti and Generalmusic (PDF). ... According to a 1981 Directory of contemporary American musical instrument makers in 1975 Galanti Brothers were located in Ridgefield, New Jersey. [HA] [WM] [IT] [DC]"


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