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Vitis riparia 'Riparia Gloire'
Origin: Viala, France (year unknown)
Formula hybridae: Unknown

Prime name: Riparia Gloire de Montpellier

'Gloire de Montpellier', 'Gloria Martineau', 'Gloria Michel', 'Riparia', 'Riparia a Grandes de Tourraine', 'Riparia a Grandes Feuilles', 'Riparia cu Frunce Mari', 'Riparia Gloire 2', 'Riparia Gloire de Montpellier', 'Riparia Gloire de Touraine', Riparia Gloria', 'Riparia Gluar', 'Riparia Gluar de Monpele', 'Riparia Krupnolistnaya', 'Riparia LaPorta', 'Riparia Martinaud', 'Riparia Martineau', 'Riparia Michel', 'Riparia Portalis', 'Riparia SaPorta'

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