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  • Official Number: 213092
  • Original Price approximately $150,000
Type Steam Schooner (add this type to the list)
Designer James H. Price of the yard that carried out the construction.
Built by St. Helens Ship Building Company, St Helens, Oregon United States A subsidiary of the Charles McCormick Lumber Company
Launch date
Completion date
Length overall 62.4 m (68.2 yd)
Beam 12.2 m (13.3 yd)
Draft 4.3 m (14.1 ft)
Gross tonnage 951
Net tonnage 584
Passengers 66
Main engine Main Street Iron Works Steam triple expansion engine, 825 horsepower Water tube boilers built by Babcock and Wilcox, oil fired


  • 1915 Named: WAPAMA for Charles R. McCormick Steamship Company Flag: United States
  • 1915-02 Main Street Iron Works installed a main engine and associated machinery in San Francisco
  • 1915 Sold to the Wapama Steamship Company for a total of $10.
  • 1915-11-27 Frasier River, Grounding on silt B.C., No damage; refloated
  • 1915-12-06 San Francisco (foot of Jones Street) Grounding on mud No damage; refloated
  • 1917-05-17 Ranieer Collision with steamer DORIS No damage
  • 1917-06 16 Near San Diego Grounding on mud No damage; towed off by Navy tug
  • 1922-11 Sold to McCormick Steamship Company, any shareholders were bought out
  • 1925-09 Sold to The Charles R. McCormick Lumber Company
  • 1930-05-20 Sold to The Los Angeles-San Francisco Navigation Company of Claudine C. Gillespie, Albert E. Gillespie, and Charles Gillespie.
  • 1932-12 San Francisco Masts snapped off while loading. Masts repaired or replaced
  • 1937-04-20 Sold to Erik Krag, president of the Viking Steamship Company, a subsidiary of Inter-Ocean Steamship Corporation, a company run by Erik Krag and Harry Brown, for $12,500
  • 1937-12-23 Sold to The Alaska Transportation Company for $27,000
  • 1938-02-04 Renamed: TONGASS Refitted for cargo service to Alaska, designed for the owners by the W.C. Nickum and Sons naval architecture firm. The Lake Union Dry Dock and Construction Company carried out the work, which ended in May 1938. New admeasurement: from 951 to 999 gross tons and 584 to 524 net tons.
  • unknown Long Beach Collision with breakwater. Extensive damage; repaired
  • 1947-05-10 5/10/1947 Seattle Strucker steamer REEF KNOT Increased leaking to hull
  • 1947-06-06 Underwent a Coast Guard inspection in a Seattle drydock. The inspector noted that although the vessel's hull was in "fair" condition, the ship was to be taken out of service.
  • 1948 Sold to salvage company Jack Mendelsohn and Son. Laid up in Lake Union in preparation for scrapping.
  • 1950s Seattle Fire, Engine room Damage to structures in engine room.
  • 1958-01-10 Sold to the California Division of Beaches and Parks for $16,000. The state moved the steam schooner to San Francisco for preservation as a historic vessel.
  • From 1959 to 1963 the vessel underwent restoration at the Oakland Dock and Warehouse Company under the direction of the San Francisco Maritime State Historic Park. Renamed: WAPAMA
  • 1963-10-02 Opened to the public as a museum ship
  • 1964-65 Drydocked for repairs at Bethlehem Steel Shipyard in San Francisco
  • 1967 Drydocked for further repairs at Bethlehem Steel Shipyard in San Francisco
  • 1970 Drydocked for further repairs at Merritt Shipyard in Oakland
  • 1977 Sold to the National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior, as part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area
  • 1979 Placed on a barge to ensure the steam schooner does not sink or suffer a broken back.

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