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Wieslaw Podobas (born May 20 1936 in Warsaw) - cyclist (181 cm, 70 kg) of capital Legia Warszawa (1955-1970).

He started his career as a teenager and the age of 16 won the championship Warsaw in cross-country race. The very first start in the Tour de Pologne in 1955 year brought him success - 2nd place. Polish champion in 1956 year-road team in the  Legia Warszawa and the runner-up in the specialty of the 1957 and 1959. 
Winner Tour de Pologne in 1959. Other losses: 1955 - 2nd place, 1956 - 3, 1957 - 12, 1959 - 1, 1960-1920, 1961-1912, 1962-1914, 1964 - 5, 1965 - 18, 1966 - 20th The Tour de Pologne competed several times. Twice participated in the  Race for Peace, in 1959 (taking 21st place) and 1960 (32nd place). 
Competed at the  World Cup in 1958 Reims, which are not completed, and in 1959 in Zandvoort at the finish, 800 meters before the finish was captured and held for the shirt and finally 31 took place. In  1960 Olympics in Rome in the individual race has not officially been classified - not noticed by the judges (in came after the failure of the group, all of which were classified in 12th place.) The team at 100 km 10th place. 
The best cyclist in the 1959 classification  Cycling Federation and  'Sport Review'. In 1963 he ran on the  Asian Olympic Games GANEFO in Jakarta in Indonesia, where the race took a personal position. Master of Sport. Multiple Polish representative. He won many races in the country and abroad. 
With his wife Barbara have three children: Thaddeus, Peter and Gregory. He lives in Warsaw. He is currently retired.

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