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All images in this gallery or category are used by a MediaWiki tool, gadget, or user script.

Changes to these images will affect many users.
Please discuss any changes with the uploader or script maintainer first.

Please note: These images might be loaded dynamically so that there might be no direct links.

<nowiki>Wikipedia:Monobook.js/WikEd/Manuale; Utilisateur:Leag/wikEd aide; Aiutu:WikEd; Wikipédia:Scripts/wikEd/ajuda; ویکی‌پدیا:ویکی‌نویس; Help:WikEd; Vikipedi:Araçlar/wikEd/Yardım; Help:WikEd; Wikipedia:WikEd/Hilfe; Wikipedia:Narzędzia/wikEd/Pomoc; විකිපීඩියා:WikEd; Kömək:Gadget-WikEd; Help:WikEd; Wikipédia:WikEd/Segítség; wikEd; Wikipedia:Pienoisohjelma/WikEd; Уикипедия:Гаджеттер/wikEd; ويكيبيديا:ويك-إد; 위키백과:도구/wikEd/도움말; Help:WikEd; página de proyecto de Wikimedia; ウィキペディアのヘルプページ。ブラウザに完全なテキストエディタの機能を追加する。; сторінка проєкту Вікімедіа; Wikimedia-projectpagina; trang dự án Wikimedia; Wikimedia project page; উইকিমিডিয়া প্রকল্পের পাতা; Wikimedia project page; Wikimedia-projekbladsy; Vikipedi:Araçlar/wikEd; 위키백과:도구/wikEd; Wikipedia:Technik/Text/Edit/wikEd; Wikipédia:Scripts/wikEd; Wikipedia:Monobook.js/WikEd; Wikipedia:Narzędzia/wikEd; Help:文本编辑器支持; Wikipédia:WikEd</nowiki>
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Button images for the MediaWiki JavaScript editor wikEd by Cacycle. Images are released into the public domain and are 16x16px (including a 1px border) PNG images with transparent background, made with Photoshop and IrfanView.


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