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Hackathon can be of different sizes. We recommend to create one category for your event with name ► Wikimedia Hackathon {Place} {YYYY}‎.
Within it, the following sub-category are frequently needed :

Wikimedia Hackathon {Place} {YYYY}‎ - Materials (the documents you use to organize this hackathon, including logo, visual identity, flyers, stickers, banners, teasers, opening ppt, etc.)
Wikimedia Hackathon {Place} {YYYY}‎ - Opening (mainly photos)
Wikimedia Hackathon {Place} {YYYY}‎ - Hacking (mainly photos)
Wikimedia Hackathon {Place} {YYYY}‎ - Group photo (mainly photos)
Wikimedia Hackathon {Place} {YYYY}‎ - Presentations (with projects presentations and thanks)


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