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  • Wilcox & White Organ Company. Pump Organ Restorations (2009-2014). "The company was located in Meriden, CT 1877-1896; name changed to Wilcox & White Co., 1897; / Founded by Horace C. Wilcox, a silver-plate manufacturer, and Henry Kirk White, an experienced reed organ builder, with White's sons James H., Edward H. and Howard. E.H. White was factory superintendent and developed the Angelus player. / The company went bankrupt in 1921 and its assets and name were acquired by Conway Musical Industries, a piano manufacturer, in 1922. Serial numbers were assigned in consecutive order. See White, Henry Kirk. / Serial numbers: 1873 - 18732, 1882 - 11028, 1888 – 32784, 1891 – 44253"
  • Wilcox & White. Antique Piano Shop ( "Wilcox & White was established in 1877 in Meridian, CT. The firm built a variety of pianos and organs during the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, but their specialty was player pianos and player organs. Wilcox & White was one of the first to produce a 'push up player' device to play ordinary pianos. This device was called the 'Angelus' and was essentially an external cabinet with felt covered 'fingers' that were pushed up to a piano keyboard. The device used a perforated roll and was operated by foot treadles, and was the forerunner of the traditional player piano of the early 20th Century. They built a line of player reed organs called the 'Wilcox & White Symphony Organ' which were very complex and ahead of their time. After the turn-of-the-century, the firm manufactured more traditional player pianos under the 'Wilcox & White', 'Artrio-Angelus' and 'Vesper' brand names. Wilcox & White was out of business before the Great Depression era."
  • Wilcox & White Organ Co's. Illustrated advance sheet (adv.). Wilcox & White Organ Co. (late 19th C.-early 20th C.).

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