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  • Will Gregory Moog Ensemble. "The Will Gregory Moog Ensemble first performed together in 2005 as part of the Bath Festival, recreating some of the ‘Switched on Bach’ arrangements of Wendy Carlos in the Seventies. As one half of the electronic music sensation Goldfrapp, the keyboard-player and composer Will Gregory is one of the UK’s leading advocates of using synthesizers and electronic instruments to create new sounds and reinvent old ones. The band perform a mixture of specially composed music, transcriptions of classical works, and their own versions of music from popular culture and film scores."
    • Will Gregory's Moog Ensemble (video). Vimeo. "This was filmed in May 2014 at a rehearsal for their forthcoming shows."
    • The Gear. "Moog synthesizers certainly contribute a great deal to the ensemble sound, but not all the equipment is from this manufacturer. Korg and Roland synths are also used, along with more esoteric brands such as Macbeth and Doepfer. The common factor is that they all employ analogue circuitry, which is to say they are not derived from a computer."