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Wolseley was founded by Herbert Austin (as an employee) to provide work for his employees during the seasonal slack periods of engineering company Wolseley. He built the car business to UK's largest motor manufacturer before leaving to start his own business, the Austin Motor Company.

Wolseley House, Piccadilly 2014
Wolseley's luxurious new building in Piccadilly opposite The Ritz Hotel was for their London sales offices and on the ground floor their main showroom.

In the 21st century part of the ground floor showroom still with its opulent original Japanese decoration scheme is a top London restaurant

Wolseley retained its UK sales lead until the early 1920s when it was overtaken by Morris. Over-expansion brought about the financial collapse of Wolseley. W R Morris bought Wolseley from the receivers in 1927 but it remained independent until W R Morris sold it into his car empire in mid 1935.

Then Wolseleys became badge-engineered Morris cars.

Currently images are held for only a small portion of Wolseley's pre-1948 catalogue. This list below is very much incomplete.

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