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  • Operation August Storm — title of a U.S. Army historian's 1983 paper about the "Soviet invasion of Manchuria," or "Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation" to the Soviets.
  • This involved the Soviet invasion of Manchukuo, Korea, Mengjiang, the southern portion of Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands, and Hokkaido.
  • It was the first action of the Soviet Union against the Empire of Japan in World War II]], as they signed a Neutrality Pact in 1941. At the 1945 Allies Yalta Conference, Stalin agreed to break the neutrality pact and enter the Pacific theatre of World War II.
  • Italiano: La guerra Unione Sovietica-Giappone fu un conflitto fra queste due nazioni svoltosi tra l'8 e il 31 agosto 1945.
  • La guerra fu dichiarata da Josif Stalin l'8 agosto 1945, a mezzanotte e, dieci minuti dopo, le truppe dell'Armata Rossa dettero inizio ad una "guerra-lampo" che portò in pochi giorni alla conquista della Manciuria.


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