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This category contains scanned page images in DjVu format of the halakhic code Arukh Ha-Shulhan by Rabbi Yechiel Michel Epstein (יחיאל מיכל הלוי אפשטיין), a restatement of the Shulhan Arukh published 1884-1893, and other works by the author.

These files may be viewed using the DjVu Browser Plug-in for Windows/Mac or DjVuLibre (Linux).

Technical information[edit]

Large scanned images in PDF format, each file containing an entire volume of the work, can be found at For the Wikimedia Commons, these PDF full-volumes have been subdivided and converted to DjVu format for use at the Hebrew Wikisource (Hebrew Arukh Hashulhan text project here). To add further material, division of the full-volume PDF files can be done using PDF Split and Merge. Resultant files should be kept up 10M (such that each full volume is divided into about 6 files). Conversion of the smaller PDF files to DjVu can be done using the DjVu Any2DjVu Server. See also Help:Creating a DjVu file.

Explanation of file names[edit]

  • AHS = Arukh Ha-Shulhan
  • OH = Orah Hayyim
  • YD = Yoreh Deah
  • EE = Even Ha-Ezer
  • HM = Hoshen Mishpat
  • A = volume I, B = volume II, C = volume III
  • Numerals indicated first file, second file, etc.
  • Numbers in parenthesis are the simanim (sections) included in the file

Available PDF scans[edit]

The following scans are available at Those that serve at the basis for files here at the Commons are noted.

Levush on the missing parts of Aruch ha-Shulhan[edit]

Parts of the work Arukh ha-Shulchan in Yoreh Deah and Even ha-Ezer are lost or missing in the original printed edition:

  • Hilkhot Avodah Zarah (Yoreh Deah 123-182).
  • Hilkhot Nedarim (Yoreh Deah 202-239). This was recovered and finally published in 1992.
  • Hilkhot Maaserot (Yoreh Deah 331-332). This is not truly lost, but rather the author purposely skipped this section since he dealt fully with the relevant laws in Arukh ha-Shulchan he-Atid on Zeraim.
  • Hilkhot Ketubbot (Even ha-Ezer 66-118).

For these missing parts, the Arukh ha-Shulchan text project at Hebrew Wikisource will suggest the text of Levush Malkhut by Mordecai Yoffe as a useful alternative (Levush Malkhut served as a model for the work Arukh ha-Shulchan). Scanned pages of Levush for the missing parts of Arukh ha-Shulchan are therefore included in this category, as well as in the category for Mordecai Yoffe.


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