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<nowiki>תאג'; Yemenite Taj; חמישה חומשי תורה כתובים על פי נוסח המסורה, ששימש בתימן כתיקון סופרים</nowiki>
Yemenite Taj 
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This category contains manuscripts and published editions of the Torah in Hebrew along with Targum Onkelos, written sequentially verse-by-verse, according to the tradition of the Jews of Yemen. In most of these works, except for the very earliest, the Judeo-Arabic Tafsir by Sa`adia Ga'on is also included, so that each verse is written three times.

In later manuscripts, the Hebrew Torah was written separately rather than sequentially, with the Targum/Tafsir alongside it. The commentary of Rashi often appears below the Torah/Targum/Tafsir, and sometimes additional commentaries are included.

The name Taj ("crown" in Arabic, or Keter in Hebrew) was originally used by the Jews of Yemen to refer to vocalized manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible with masoretic notes. The same term could, by extension, also be used for manuscripts that include not just the Hebrew with the full masoretic rubric, but also Targum and/or Tafsir written sequentially along with the Hebrew.

Other texts of the Torah with translation and/or commentary, which usually lacked the masoretic rubric, were normally referred to as Parashah books.[1] In more recent times, the first published edition of the Torah with Targum and Tafsir written sequentially was entitled Taj (Jerusalem, 1901), and that has become the popular title for books of this sort today, even when they include further commentaries.

  1. Further exemplars of this type are available online, including the one here.

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