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Zaza Korinteli better known by his stage name Zumba (born 1973) is a Georgian rock musician, folklorist and civic activist. His music fuses a wide variety of genres, principally Georgian folk tradition, rock, and reggae. Being a multi-instrumentalist on guitar, bass, wind instruments, percussions, and vocals, he leads the band ZumbaLand and also collaborates within several other musical projects. His stage name is an acronym of a Georgian phrase zogjer ubralod moindome, bolos agisruldeba (ზოგჯერ უბრალოდ მოინდომე ბოლოს აგისრულდება), translated as "Just wish sometimes – it will eventually come true."

ქართული: ზაზა კორინთელი
עברית: זאזא קוֹרינתֶלי

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