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English: Zhao Ji (赵佶 October 1082 - ca. 1135) was the eighth emperor of Song Dynasty of China, aka Song Huizong. He was captured by the Jurchen invasion, taken to their capital Shangjing (Huining) in Manchuria, and died there. He was not a good emperor but a celebrated painter and calligrapher.

Emperor Huizong of Song 
emperor of the Song Dynasty
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Date of birth2 November 1082, 10 October 1082 (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584)
Date of death4 June 1135
Country of citizenship
Position held
  • Empress Qinci
  • Princess Shushou
  • Q16603502
  • Princess Yanguo
  • Princess Luguo
  • Princess Xingguo
  • Princess Binguo
  • Princess Yunguo
  • Princess Zhouguozhang
  • Princess Xuguozhang
  • Princess Chuguo
  • Zhao Cai
  • Zhao Yu
  • Zhao Bi
  • Zhao Si
  • Zhao Wei
  • Zhao Jin
  • Zhao Jun
  • Zhao Yi
  • Zhao Ti
  • Zhao Xian
  • Zhao Shen
  • Zhao Jia
  • Emperor Zhezong of Song
  • Emperor Qinzong of Song
  • Zhao Cheng
  • Zhao Kai
  • Zhao Ji
  • Zhao Shu
  • Zhao Qi
  • Zhao Xu
  • Zhao Yu
  • Emperor Gaozong of Song
  • Zhao Cai
  • Zhao Mu
  • Zhao Zhi
  • Zhao Pu
  • Zhao Di
  • Zhao E
  • Zhao Gong
  • Zhao Shi
  • Zhao Zhen
  • Zhao Chun
  • Zhao Wo
  • Zhao Jian
  • Zhao Ji
  • Zhao Chan
  • Zhao Yue
  • Zhao Yang
  • Zhao Yi
  • Zhao Dong
  • Zhao Si
  • Zhao Tong
  • Zhao Bing
  • Zhao Cong
  • Zhao Xiang
  • Zhao Ji
  • Zhao Zhu
  • Zhao Tan
  • Jiade-diji
  • Rongde Diji
  • Ande Diji
  • Princess Fujin
  • Princess Cheng
  • Princess Yanguo
  • Princess Xianfu
  • Princess Shunde
  • Yifu Diji
  • Zhao Huanhuan
  • Baofu Diji
  • Renfu Diji
  • Huifu Diji
  • Yongfu Diji
  • Xianfu Diji
  • Ningfu Diji
  • Hefu Diji
  • Lingfu Diji
  • Q8253422
  • Q22131062
  • Q16603565
  • Q16603727
  • Shoushu Diji
  • Q11073435
  • Anshu Diji
  • Chongde Diji
  • Kangshu Diji
  • Q16603591
  • Baoshu Diji
  • Q11073244
  • Xishu Diji
  • Q11079363
  • Q16603534
  • Q11073085
  • Empress Xiangong
  • Empress Xiansu
  • Empress Xianren
  • Empress Mingjie
  • Empress Mingda
  • Q8251757
  • Q19653851
  • Q19833433
Work location
Authority control
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Song Huizong (es); 宋徽宗 (yue); I. Huj Cung (hu); هوئی زونق (azb); Song Huizong (de); Emperor Huizong of Song (en-gb); امپراتور هوئی زونگ (fa); 宋徽宗 (zh); Huizong (tr); 徽宗 (ja); Song Huizong (sv); Хуей-цзун (uk); 宋徽宗 (zh-hant); 宋徽宗 (zh-cn); 宋徽宗 (wuu); 북송 휘종 (ko); Emperor Huizong of Song (en-ca); Chuej-cung (cs); Hui Zong (it); Song Huizong (fr); 宋徽宗 (zh-mo); 宋徽宗 (zh-my); सोंग हुईजोंग (mr); Tống Huy Tông (vi); Huizong (eo); Sóng Hŭi-cŭng (cdo); Emperador Huizong de la Xina Song (ca); 宋徽宗 (zh-tw); Hongxian (pt); Car Huizong od Songa (sh); Huizong (pt-br); 宋徽宗 (zh-sg); จักรพรรดิซ่งฮุ่ยจง (th); Sòng Hui-chong (nan); Keiser Huizong av Song (nb); Song Huizong (nl); 宋徽宗 (zh-hk); Kaisar Song Huizong (id); 宋徽宗 (lzh); Song Huizong (pl); Emperor Huizong of Song (en); الإمبراطور هويتسونغ (ar); 宋徽宗 (zh-hans); Хуэйцзун (ru) imperatore cinese della dinastia Song (it); imperador chinês (pt-br); Kaiser der Song-Dynastie (de); souverain de la dynastie Song (fr); emperor of the Song Dynasty (en); نقاش و شاعر چینی (fa); emperador de la dinastía Song (es); kunstschilder uit China (1082-1135) (nl) Emperor Hui-tsung of Sung, Zhao Ji, Hui-tsung, Huizong, Hui Zong (en); 趙佶 (zh); 體神合道駿烈遜功聖文仁德慈憲顯孝皇帝, 趙佶, 徽宗 (zh-hant)


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