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English : Category:Zithers. The zither is a musical string instrument. While the term 'zither' organologically refers to a broad family of musical instruments, in modern usage it most commonly refers to one of three specific instruments: the concert zither and the Alpine zither (which are often considered variants of the same instrument), and the fretless zither, guitar zither, or chord zither (including the closely related autoharp).
Nederlands : Categorie:Citers. De citer is een snaarinstrument waarvan vele varianten bestaan. De benaming citer duidt tegenwoordig op één van de drie specifieke instrumenten: de concertciter, de Alpineciter en de fretloze citer, gitaarciter of akkoordciter (inclusief de nauwverwante autoharp).
instrument de musique de la Grèce antique
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Kithara (es); Kithara (hu); кифара (ru); Kithara (de); Kithara (ga); کیتارا (fa); 西塞拉琴 (zh); Kithara (tr); キタラー (ja); kithara (sv); Кіфара (uk); Cithara (la); Кифара (tg); Kithara (gsw); 키타라 (ko); Citro (eo); Kithara (cs); cetra (it); cithare (fr); Kitara (hr); cithara (pt); Kithara (fi); Китара (sr); Starogrška kitara (sl); Կիֆարա (hy); Kitara (pl); Citera (nl); Kithara (lb); Kithara (nn); Kithara (nb); Kitara (sh); Китара (mk); Kifara (uz); Кіфара (be); Kitara (et); kithara (en); კიფარა (ka); Κιθάρα (αρχαιοελληνική μουσική) (el); عربي (arz) strumento musicale antico, della famiglia delle lire (it); historisches Musikinstrument, Leier (de); ancient Greek musical instrument in the lyre or lyra family (en); έγχορδο νυκτό μουσικό όργανο της Αρχαιότητας (el); instrument de musique de la Grèce antique (fr) cithara (en); cithara, citara, kithára (it); Kitara (uz)


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