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Dear Sirs, I do not know whether this is the right sources to correct the history of Dr Kalam presented under your sub head "PRESIDENCY". On how Dr Kalam became the President, the information starts with 10th June 2002 morning with a call from the PM Shri the AP-CM to Dr Kalam. You will recall that in the context of presidential election 2002 Dr Kalam was not referred by any media or politician prior to that. The truth is: The proposal in favour of Dr Kalam originated in the mind of an average citizen that was sent to the BJP-Chief, TN-CM, AP-CM, Def Min/NDA Convenor on 10th May 2002 and to PM on 15th May 2002. The proposer is still in oblivion because none of the politicians who ever claim the credit for making dr Kalam the President were not courteous to share the credit for so big a thing with a non entity. The proposer rest contended with the satisfaction of having caused a very good thing for he Nation. A brief infn is placed below. For more details, if you sense an iota of truth, pl contact: C Rajagopalan 09400710255, FB Rajagopalan Chudalamuthu. BELIEVE IT OR NOT: Tenth May is indeed a landmark in the history of the Nation, as is to this citizen. Because, exactly on this day in 2002 this writer initiated a noble cause, that resulted in presenting India the best ever people’s President. The proposal on 10th May 2002 in favour of Dr Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam as presidential candidate, proved a handy solution to the NDA when: i) None of the calculated politicians nor the vigilant media had mentioned the great Dr APJ Abdul Kalam in the context of presidential election scheduled in July 2002! ii) As per media reports then, BJP&SS were projecting Shri P C Alexander,TDP arguing for Shri Kishan Kant & under the threat of Congress candidate Shri K R Narayanan! Below is Text of historic Letters dt 10 May 2002 that performed miracle in 2002, on presidential choice of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam sent by C Rajagopalan to (1) TN-CM (2) BJP-Chief (3) AP-CM (4) Def Min and (5) on 15 May 02 to the PM, with suitable additions to suit the interests of each.

     The question “who will be our next President” is in the mind of every Indian.  Speculations are in the air on the grounds of region, political affiliation and of course, religion/community.   Unfortunately, the name of the silent giant, perhaps the lone Indian who deserves it, is not heard anywhere.   Of course the person I refer may not even yearn for such a position.

He is none other than the Pearl from Rameswaram – Bharat Ratna Dr Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam. The name, his simple life, his achievements, devotion to whatever mission entrusted with him and of course his commitment to the Nation, speak for themselves. Any further illustration will be attempting to make the gold, golden. The question I put forth is what prevents Shri APJ Abdul Kalam from becoming the next President of the Indian Union? He has contributed to the Nation which no other Indian has done so far. He need be recognized in no less than this supreme position. Request you to kindly do the needful. The mere announcement of his name is sure to prove a Brahmastra. No objection is likely to come from any corner. The NDA declared Dr Kalam’s candidature on 10th June 2002 discarding their earlier choices. Though there were some initial objections from Congress, with the public support by Shri A K Antony, CM-Kerala, all others fell behind. Dr Kalam was elected President on 18 Jul 02 with a mass mandate (i.e., proved a BRAHMASTRA as anticipated).

  Dr Kalam bid farewell to us on 27th Jul 2015. May his soul R I P.  This writer propoosed before the union Gov during Aug 2015 to declare his birth anniversary as NATIONAL INSPIRATION DAY.  Sorry, nothing happened till date.  Hope they will declare so on his death anniversary.  REPEAT; This writer is an average citizen and what is said above is true.  No intention to earn any laurel at this age of 67, leading a retired life.  But trust in SATAYAMEVA JAYATE and hence this last attempt. —Preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) 15:42, 19 July 2016 (UTC)