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A perceptive person suggested merging this cat with cat:African American people:

{{merge|:category:African American people|the same thing. apparently the two categories were used in a way that "people" were some sort of representation (?). thats not done anywhere else. }}

This suggestion makes a lot of sense. However, let me explain why I created Category:African American people to begin with. In early November 2008, the category African Americans had over 800+ images, including buildings and events relating to African American history. It bordered on the unusable. If a picture had any relation to African Americans, it was thrown into that category. So I created Category:African American history for the objects of history, Category:African American authors and other categories for professions. There were a lot of random photos of people at the beach, or groups including an African American soccer player, scientist, or random dude. Some nationalities and ethnic groups in Wikimedia have categories such as Men of Germany or Native American Women. Perhaps similar categories could be used for the random shots of African American non-celebrities.

--Kenmayer (talk) 20:15, 23 February 2009 (UTC)