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Hi, having tons of materials, now we need to sort thing more in order in my opinion. First I would like to start with those apostles. It saddens me to see categorization of those figures not in order.

  • All apostles are definitely New Testament figures (thus the latter category is under the former).
    Now I was uncontiously aware of the fact that Roman Catholic call some their saints as Apostles; Apostles for Slavs, etc. But I think this title POV and therefore we cannot render. In Eastern Orthodox Church, for example, equivalent title is not Apostles, but Equal-to-the-Apostles. We have no good reason to esteem one and ignore another from the NPOV.
  • But our current categorization seems not to be interest in the fact on the above. Some individual Apostles are however not categorized under the latter, but only the former. Personally I prefer to have them ease only under "apostles" category but now things don't go so. Some are classified as apostles and NT figures, some are only as apostles. It is not so much good.
  • Then we have come to the time of decision, imo.
    1. Those apostles are only classified as Apostles and their category shall be remained as subcategory of NT figures or
    2. Those apostles are classified duplicatedly, so Apostles as NT figures.

Personally I prefer the first way. It seems simple for me and I don't like so much category duplication. Thoughts?--Aphaia 07:17, 6 December 2006 (UTC)


So hereby I propose we are going to

  • treat category:Apostles as a subcategory of category:NT figures perfectly.
  • Apostles who are now categorized under both two those will be placed only under the Apostles category.

If there is no objection until December 15, I'll sort individual apostles' category in that manner.

Your feedback will be welcome. --Aphaia 12:14, 9 December 2006 (UTC)