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I've emptied this category by returning its contents to Category:Architecture of Arizona, and converted this into a redirect to that category.

The category was created by an editor who apparently began reorganizing architectural-style categories in the United States, then lost interest in the project. Not everything that should have gone into the new "Architecture of Arizona by style" category was put in it: for example, Category:Bungalows in Arizona was left in "Category:Architecure of Arizona". The editor also didn't do all of the U.S. states: for example, he didn't do anything with the "X architecture in Nebraska" categories, leaving them in "Category:Architecture of Nebraska".

Since we've been left half in a new category organization and half in the old, it seems that we have the option of either furthering the new system or restoring the old. To me, the "Architecture of (state) by style" categories aren't necessary, and create a certain amount of extra work for users by necessitating an extra layer of mouse-clicks to reach a destination category. I've elected, therefore, to restore the old system for Arizona, to which I've recently been adding building photos. Absent convincing arguments against this course, I will do likewise as I add photos in other states. Ammodramus (talk) 21:15, 17 September 2013 (UTC)