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Subcategories with Country-code or full country name?[edit]

The two-letter country code by en:ISO 3166-1 is language neutral, shorthand comfortable, and easier in a tabular fashion.

The full country name has to use a specific language, is easier to understand, but only for those familiar with that language.

At the moment I am not sure. I had first introduced "Arriva DK", than thought that this might lead to misunderstandings, changed everything to "Arriva Denmark" -- but then thought that the english version of the country name is not so nice to the Danes, and may be not so familiar for people in Portugal seeking image material for their Arriva article.

Any opinions?

My project is to move all images currently directly under "Arriva" to company or country specific subcategories of Arriva. I have edited the German language article on Arriva, and was looking for an image representing each of the countries where Arriva is operating. Such subcategories would make it easier to look for such an image.

--L.Willms 16:09, 28 September 2007 (UTC)

My thinking now goes into this direction: to use the two-letter ISO-country code (cc), and to put in the text field of the Category:Arriva an explanation like
Español: (missing text)
Français : (missing text)
Italiano: (missing text)
Nederlands: (missing text)
Português: (missing text)
DE Tyskland Deutschland Germany Alemania Allemagne Germania Duitsland Alemanha Tyskland
DK Danmark Dänemark Denmark Dinamarca Danmark Dinamarca Denemarken Dinamarca Danmark
ES Spanien Spanien Spain España Espagne Espania Spanje Espanha Spanien
GB Storbritannien Großbritannien Great Britain Gran Bretaña Grande Bretagne Gran Bretagna Groot-Brittannië Grã-Bretanha Storbritannien
IT Italien Italien Italy Italia Italie Italia Italien Itália Italien
NL Nederland Niederlande Netherlands Paises Bajos Pays Bas Paesi Bassi Nederland Países Baixos Nederländerna
PT Portugal Portugal Portugal Portugal Portugal Portugal Portugal Portugal Portugal
SE Sverige Schweden Sweden Suecia Suède Svezia Zweden Suécia Sverige

--L.Willms 20:37, 28 September 2007 (UTC)

No need to create some special rules for Arriva categories. The real official names of the national companies should be used - and when it is not specific enough, Commons use the country names in English. --ŠJů (talk) 03:31, 20 November 2012 (UTC)