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Beaches are coasts[edit]

I recently changed the next upper category from this one to Category:Coasts of New Zealand (from Category:Geography of New Zealand). This was reverted quickly, with the edit summary:

beaches are NOT coasts!!!

Whoa. Did I step on any toes? Three exclamation marks? I respectfully disagree.

  • Beaches ARE coasts. Beaches are a TYPE of coast. A coast might be cliffs, seawalls, an estuary, or... beach. Wikipedia defines a beach (Wikipedia permalink to the currently most recent version) as a geological landform... ...they occur along coastal areas. I think no other reference work would substantially disagree.
  • Commons (like Wikipedia), in its categorization scheme, uses a 'be as specific as possible' approach (Commons:First steps/Sorting). This applies both to individual files, as well as categories themselves (see, amongst other pages: Help:Category#Category_considerations). Therefore, with a cat like Geography of New Zealand, as of very recently having lots of subcats, I consider that summarising a number of these subcats into a generic "catch-many" cat like 'Coasts' makes sense and is fully according to policy.
  • Precedent - I concur that in most cases, "Beaches in XY-Land" categories are linked upwards to "Geography of XY-Land" categories. However, precedence is NOT a reason to resist change, especially not on Wikiprojects (Wikis themselves are 'against precedent' in themselves, you might say), when the change is fully in line with categorization policy (see 2).
  • Lakes - The only problem I saw while writing this is that there are beaches that are not on SEAcoasts, but on the coasts of lakes (nowithstanding that there are no such images in the cat at the moment). Again, this is better solved by linking the cat up to Category:Lakes of New Zealand (as I will do now) than to plunk it back into Geography.

In total, I think I have far more reasons than just being obstinate in reverting the revert. Ingolfson 05:35, 14 August 2007 (UTC)

Changed back to Geography category, because apparently the Category scheme wants it that way. I still disagree (see Commons talk:Category scheme countries and subdivisions "Category schemes:fixed or changible?", but I will follow consistency for now, and may later on propose a change in the cat scheme system. Ingolfson 21:47, 18 August 2007 (UTC)