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People should read the remark on the category page:

  • this IS NOT a "by country" category. The "by country" category for Belgium would be category:Military cemeteries in Belgium.
  • this is a "by nationality/by organization" cemetery category. This would be a sibbling category of Category:Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemeteries. Whereas CWGC cemeteries are maintained by the CWGC for the "British" victims, the "Belgian military cemeteries" are maintained by Belgium for Belgian war victims. These Belgian cemeteries don't have to by geographically located in Belgian. So maybe we should introduce a parallel category tree - not by country, but by nationality/organization, e.g. CWGC cemeteries for the "British", Volksbund cemeteries for the German, French cemeteries, ABMC cemeteries for the US, Belgian cemeteries for Belgium. --LimoWreck (talk) 12:38, 10 March 2012 (UTC)
There is now Category:Cemeteries by nationality, which covers not just military cemeteries but also civilian cemeteries outside the home country. Skinsmoke (talk) 12:11, 16 March 2012 (UTC)