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Historical note[edit]

Rev. Robbins was the second son of Dr. Peter Robbins, a physician of Lynn, Massachusetts, and Abba Dowse of Charlestown. Born 1810, Harvard 1829, Harvard Divinity 1933, in which year he succeeded Ralph Waldo Emerson as pastor of Second Church, Boston, one of the largest in the town. It was one of two to be called "Old North" because of its original location in North Square. This was not the one that signalled Paul Revere, though located near the house. "Second Church" was the name of the congregation, which met in eight successive buildings and various locations, successive Second Churches, while retaining Robbins. He was still pastor on his death in 1882 although needing assistance in his latter years.Botteville (talk) 10:19, 8 November 2012 (UTC)