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A lot of people wonder why the Chicago Cubs continue to lose your after year. It's really quite simple. Cub fans of the dumbest sports fans in the face the earth. They continue to believe that they can win just because their cubs. Every year they always have a new hero to save the cubs. They continue to lose because cub fans don't demand anything from them they love them the no matter what. While that might be cute it has nothing to do with professional sports. To categorize the cubs that a professional sports team is a misnomer. It really has nothing to do with sports or profession it has to do with being cute. One need only look at the stand during a television game. Have young people who know nothing about the game. You have women who know nothing about the game and girls. You have old people were so addled know the difference between sports baseball or football. Check that out see but not telling the truth. Cub motto should be stink yesterday, stink today and stink forever. But they'll always be CUTE!