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de: "Cities and villages by Obersee" sollte nicht in die Kategorie "Cities and villages by lake" eingefügt werden, da dies zu begrifflicher Mehrdeutigkeit führt. So verfügt z. B. auch der Bodensee über einen "Obersee". Es reicht völlig wenn der Obersee als Unterkategorie des Zürichsees geführt wird.

nonsense, there's absolutely no need for for that pseudo-recategorisation, as beeing the one and only lake categorised by that way, 12:08, 29 October 2011 (UTC) btw: recategorization just will done, when there's a consens, please stop that kind of imho vandalismn!

en: Maybe you haven't understood my explanation in German. Therefore I shall repeat my point in English:"Category:Cities and villages on Obersee (Lake Zurich)" shouldn't be included in "Category:Cities and villages by lake" because this leads to ambiguity. The Obersee isn't a lake of its own, but part of Lake Zurich. And like Lake Zurich so does for instance Lake Constance have an "Obersee" (do you see the ambiguity?). It's therefore completely sufficient to have Category:Cities and villages on Obersee (Lake Zurich) listed in its mother category, Category:Cities and villages on Lake Zurich.

As for vandalism: The changes I made were well-reflected and if I were always to wait until someone agrees, these NECESSARY changes would fall into oblivion and never be made. Now, if you think my edits are vandalism then, please, give GOOD reasons for your opinion and undo them (I mean the edits of course).

Speaking of vandalism: I shall try AGAIN (thanks for undoing my painstaking work) to redirect the category (which has a linguistically faulty name: "by" instead of "on"; If you want to know why this is wrong, feel free to ask me) to a correctly dubbed category. That would be Category:Cities and villages on Obersee (Lake Zurich). Will you let me?... --Pingelig (talk) 10:28, 3 November 2011 (UTC)