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Discussion copied from Commons:Deletion_requests/Category:Rock_climbing[edit]

Thoughts about climbing categories[edit]

Climbing categorization needs:

  • strong categorization by country: when I write a page about a (1) climbing area and (2) climber on wikipedia I write a page that is related to a COUNTRY. So I go to commons and FIRST I look for "by country". And 99% I find it.

In this view, only have a generic "Climbing by country" was ok for me. Having instead generic categories like "Rock climbing" and "Sport climbing" without the "by country" has the problem that are just too big.

So my "current" idea is (it's the same idea you find in: Skiing by coutry/Skiing in France):

Climbing by country
Climbing in France
Bouldering in France
Climbing in Fontainebleau‎
Climbers from France
Climbing walls in France
Ice climbing in France
Indoor climbing in France
Multi-pitch climbing in France
Climbing in Verdon Gorge‎
Sport climbing in France
Climbing in Buoux‎
Climbing in Céüse‎
Climbing in Verdon Gorge‎
Climbing in Volx‎
Traditional climbing in France
Via ferrate in France
Climbing in Spain
Bouldering in Spain
Climbers from Spain
Climbing walls in Spain
Ice climbing in Spain
Indoor climbing in Spain
Multi-pitch climbing in Spain
Climbing in El Chorro
Climbing in Montserrat‎
Sport climbing in Spain
Climbing in Siurana
Climbing in El Chorro
Climbing in Montserrat‎
Traditional climbing in Spain
Via ferrate in Spain
Climbing by type
Bouldering by country
Climbing walls
Climbing walls by country
Ice climbing
Ice climbing by country
Indoor climbing
Indoor climbing by country
Multi-pitch climbing‎
Multi-pitch climbing by country
Sport climbing
Sport climbing by country
Traditional climbing
Traditional climbing by country
Via ferrate
Via ferrate by country
Bottle crate climbing (no need, by now, for a child cat. -by_country here)
Cargo nets (climbing) (no need, by now, for a child cat. -by_country here)
Industrial climbing (no need, by now, for a child -by_country here)
Jungle gyms (in case a child -by_country here)
Tree climbing (in case a child -by_country here)

Not all categories under "Climbing by type" must have "... by country". At least "Bouldering", "Climbing walls", "Indoor climbing", "Multi-pitch climbing", "Sport climbing", "Traditional climbing" and "Via ferrate" must have it. Perhaps "Climbing walls" and "Indoor climbing" could be merged.

--Rotpunkt (talk) 11:20, 14 April 2012 (UTC)

I think your proposal for how to organize "Climbing by country" and "Climbing by type" is fine, however it does not address the issue of what to do with "climbing" images which are not related to the sport of climbing (tree climbing, rope climbing, ladder climbing etc.) that is why I was proposing to keep them on Category:Climbing and move all images related to sport of climbing to Category:Rock climbing however I see that this might be an issue since term "Rock climbing" is mostly used in English and does not translate well. Also it would not cover ice climbing, urban climbing or indoor climbing. May be we should call it Category:Climbing (sport) or just hide all the other types of climbing in "Climbing by type" as we are doing right now. It might be that in most other languages word for sport of climbing does not have any other meanings. In Polish for example. Then there is an issue of what to do with Category:Rock climbing category. Originally I used it for listing rock climbing sub-types (sport, trad, bouldering, ...).
Sorry, I didn't write about other categories because they remain in the same place. I have just added them in the example. --Rotpunkt (talk) 09:01, 15 April 2012 (UTC)
As for organizing "Climbing by country" and "Climbing by type" - I have mostly 2 comments:
  1. sub-categories should be added only on the "need to have" basis. So If you have few hundreds of images from some country or a place than it make sense to subdivide somehow so we end up with "by type by place" categories like Category:Bouldering in Joshua Tree National Park‎ . Otherwise I would not subcategorize them.
  2. Also for me the main purpose of "Climbing by country" category is to hold "Climbing in the area XYZ" subcategories like Category:Climbing in Red Rock Canyon. I think those are much more useful than "Sport climbing in France". After all to find all "Sport climbing in France" images all one have to do is to use CatScan2 tool to intersect Category:Climbing_in_France and Category:Sport climbing categories.
--Jarekt (talk) 04:48, 15 April 2012 (UTC)
I have added climbing areas in the example so it's more clear. Obviuosly if a country doesn't have bouldering areas we don't create "Bouldering in Thatcountry". --Rotpunkt (talk) 09:11, 15 April 2012 (UTC)

+ Military climbing[edit]

I propose Category:Military climbing. Ok ? Better name ?

We may also add a Category:Military mountaineering for snow/ice/ski techniques by military forces.

I created category:Indoor bouldering (subcat of bouldering / indoor climbing).

What about a Category:Climbing in unidentified locations ? ;-) (see )

--Irønie (talk) 12:57, 18 November 2016 (UTC)