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History of this Category[edit]

(This category is depauperate-(underdeveloped)...(a term especially found when talking about (animal)-"Speciation", (or population geography))
I started making the subcategories for Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado, while working on Category:Regions of Arizona.
I recently have been making numerous valley and Mountain Range articles in Utah... (after en:List of valleys of Utah, and en:List of mountain ranges of Utah, and mostly concentrating on the Great Basin-(in Utah), (not Colorado Plateau side of Utah).

Because I recently started categories for Category:Canyon Lands of Utah, and Category:Canyon Lands of Arizona, and then evolved into the Category:High Plateaus section of Arizona, and Category:High Plateaus section of Utah, (and then evolving the Category:Colorado Plateau Navajo section-(mostly of Arizona-New Mexico, though a small portion is in southeast Utah(Canyon Lands)), the result is that now the Arizona and Utah categories, are somewhat developed...(Not to a Final Point)... but they are at least, not depauperate categories...(I lately just worked on the Category:Painted Desert, Arizona, part of "Canyon Lands of Arizona", and the "Navajo Nation, (section in Arizona)
So...the bottom line is:
The Colorado Plateau region of New Mexico, and Colorado Plateau region of Colorado, are quite underdeveloped. (and may require articles in English Wikipedia, to help develop the categories). --(From the HOT-SonoranDesert, ArizonaUSA),....Mmcannis (talk) 03:49, 12 March 2012 (UTC)