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After speaking to my mother, I discovered that whilst visiting her sister who resided in this area that Irish was spoken by in this area up until at least 1954. My mother recalls visiting a shop in Cranagh at this time & remembers the shopkeeper & his fellow assistant (possibly his wife or sister) speaking to the other locals in Irish. My mother is from a Presbyterian background & having no Irish herself she was unable to understand what they were saying.

I am curious to find out if anyone else has a recollection of this type of occurance or if the knowledge that Irish was in some form of usuage up to this period of this has been passed on. Does anyone have any information, or even remember themselves, the shop where this may have happened & the names of the proprietor/owner/workers.

Whilst my mother still maintains a fair knowledge of what is now known as Ulster-Scotch I am attempting to create a picture of language usage around this area during this period.

Any help that anyone could possibly supply would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks/ Go raibh maith agat / Thenk ye

PJ Gillespie