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i18n Proposal[edit]

The current template flow is:

1 Created with Xyz one main template for each tool "Xyz", currently more than 130
2 Created with Xyz/lc one template for (each tool × each language)
3 Created with/lc one template for each language, currently 50
4 Created with one template

From about 192 ISO 639-1 there are about 56 most-important languages, with entries for only 50 languages, see the table below. Of course, there are not the (2) templates for every language - many languages are missing. Nevertheless there is quite a lot of (2) templates; they are doing almost the same for each tool.
By investigating this situation, the idea rises to simplify that structure:
when the templates (1) pass some more parameters to templates (2), one template (2) for each language, but independent of the tool, might be enough, reducing the currently large number of templates (2). This will also ensure that much more languages can be translated, and that every main template can access all translated languages.

1 Created with Xyz one main template for each tool "Xyz", currently more than 130
2 Created with .../lc one template only for each of the languages (currently ~ 50)
3 Created with/lc one template for each language (currently ~ 50)
4 Created with one template

It would be nice to combine (2) with (3), such reducing 2 × 50 templates to 50; but the 50 templates (3) are used also by many other templates (2) from the non-SVG templates.

It seemed not too much effort to generate the Created with .../lc (left column in the table) templates for all the
languages where now a translation template "Created with/lc" (second column in the table) exists: (default icons are shown only there)

ar ar
SVG Simple Icon.svg
هذا الرسم المتجهي أُنشئ [[:en:|]]
az az Pictogram-voting-question.svg
bar bar ✓  Done
Beer mug.svg
Dé Graafik is mit [[:bar:|]] erstoid worn.
be-tarask be-tarask
Flag of Belarus.svg
Гэты файл (выява) быў створаны пры дапамозе [[:en:|]].
be-x-old be-x-old Pictogram-voting-question.svg
bg bg Pictogram-voting-question.svg
bn bn ✓  Done
SVG Simple Icon.svg
এই চিত্রটি bn:Wp দিয়ে তৈরি করা হয়েছে।
bs bs Pictogram-voting-question.svg
ca ca
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Aquesta imatge ha estat creada amb [[:ca:|]]
ce ce
SVG Simple Icon.svg
ХӀара графика кхоьллина [[:en:|]] гӀоьнца .
cs cs
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Tento grafika byl vytvořen programem [[:cs:|]].
da da
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Grafik blev lavet med [[:da:|]].
de de ✓  Done
Bundesadler rahmenlos ohne Schild.svg
Diese Grafik wurde mit de:Wp erstellt.
de-formal de-formal 0 Redirect arrow without text.svg
Bundesadler rahmenlos ohne Schild.svg
Diese Grafik wurde mit de:Wp erstellt.
diq diq Pictogram-voting-question.svg
el el
Π logo.svg
Αυτή η εικόνα δημιουργήθηκε με [[:el:|]]
en en 00 Lock-r.svg ✓  Done
SVG Simple Icon.svg
This image was created with [[:w:|]]
en-ca en-ca 0 Redirect arrow without text.svg
SVG Simple Icon.svg
This image was created with [[:w:|]]
eo eo
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Ĉi tiu dosiero estas kreita per [[:en:|]].
es es ✓  Done
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Esta imagen fue creada con es:Wp
et et
SVG Simple Icon.svg
See kujutis on valmistatud rakendusega [[:et:|]]
eu eu
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Fitxategi hau (irudia) hau [[:eu:|]]-ekin sortu da .
fa fa
SVG Simple Icon.svg
این دیاگرام یا سند با [[:fa:|]] ساخته شده‌است.
fi fi
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Tämä grafiikka luotiin käyttäen apuna ohjelmaa [[:fi:|]]
fr fr ✓  Done
Armoiries république française.svg
Cette image a été créée avec fr:Wp
frr frr Pictogram-voting-question.svg
fy fy Pictogram-voting-question.svg
gl gl
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Esta imaxe foi creada con [[:en:|]].
gu gu Pictogram-voting-question.svg
he he Pictogram voting question-blue.svg  Request
David Star.svg
[[:w:|]] עם‎‎ נוצרה ה תמונה
hi hi Pictogram-voting-question.svg
hr hr
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Ova je slika napravljena programom [[:hr:|]].
hsb hsb
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Tuta grafika je so z [[:en:|]] zdźěłała.
hu hu
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Ez grafika hu:Wp segítségével készült
hy hy
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Սա graphic ստեղծված է եղել [[:en:|]] օգնությամբ: .
id id Pictogram-voting-question.svg
it it ✓  Done
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Questa immagine è stata creata con it:Wp
ja ja
Flag of Japan.svg
ka ka Pictogram-voting-question.svg
kk kk
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Бұл Мәтіндік [[:kk:|]] көмегімен жасалған.
km km
SVG Simple Icon.svg
រូបភាព​ក្រាភិក​រ៉ាស្តា​នេះ​ត្រូវ​បាន​បង្កើតឡើង​ដោយ​ប្រើ [[:km:|]]​.
kn kn Pictogram-voting-question.svg
ko ko ✓  Done
그림은 [[:ko:|]]로 제작되었습니다.
lb lb Pictogram-voting-question.svg
lt lt
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Šis paveikslėlis sukurtas su [[:en:|]].
lv lv Pictogram-voting-question.svg
mk mk
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Оваа слика е изработена со mk:Wp
ml ml Pictogram voting question-blue.svg  Request
SVG Simple Icon.svg
ഈ ചിത്രം സൃഷ്ടിച്ചത് [[:en:|]] ഉപയോഗിച്ചാണ്.
mr mr Pictogram-voting-question.svg
nds nds Pictogram voting question-blue.svg  Request
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Disse Datei is mit [[:nds:|]] opstellt worrn
nl nl
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Dit grafiek is gemaakt met nl:Wp
nn nn
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Det grafikken vart laga med [[:en:|]].
no no
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Det grafikk ble laget med [[:en:|]].
oc oc
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Aqueste imatge es estat creat amb [[:oc:|]]
pa pa Pictogram-voting-question.svg
pl pl ✓  Done
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Ta grafika została stworzona za pomocą [[:pl:|]]
pt pt ✓  Done
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Este gráfico foi criado com o [[:pt:|]]
pt-br pt-br
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Este imagem foi criado com [[:en:|]].
ro ro
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Această imagine a fost creată cu [[:ro:|]]
ru ru Pictogram voting question-blue.svg  Request
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Это черче́ние было создано с помощью ru:Wp
scn scn Pictogram-voting-question.svg
sco sco Pictogram-voting-question.svg
sk sk
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Tento grafika bol vytvorený programom [[:sk:|]].
sl sl
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Ta slika je bila ustvarjena s programom [[:en:|]].
sr sr Pictogram-voting-question.svg
sv sv
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Den här bilden skapades med [[:sv:|]]
th th
SVG Simple Icon.svg
tr tr
SVG Simple Icon.svg
Bu grafik [[:en:|]] ile oluşturuldu. .
tt tt Pictogram-voting-question.svg
uk uk
Lesser Coat of Arms of Ukraine.svg
Це зображення було створено з допомогою [[:uk:|]]
vi vi Pictogram-voting-question.svg
vmf vmf Pictogram-voting-question.svg
zh zh Redirect arrow zh.svg
zh-hans zh-hans
zh-hant zh-hant
SVG Simple Icon.svg


It is easy to add more languages. It is easy to add more tools. It is easy to change main templates from the current structure to the new one.
All main templates can use the full translation capability, without own subtemplates - if a new main template is created, no other template is necessary.

The established current template-and-subtemplate structure needs identical names to show where a translation subtemplate is used.
The new concept is much simpler and independent of names, all main templates are using the same set of translation subtemplates:

  • When a new SVG created with- or Created with-template is needed, no other templates - neither docu nor translations - are necessary.
  • Every one of these templates has the full set of all (currently ~50) translations; each alteration and each new translation serves all templates.


It's a new idea.

Old problems[edit]

Links, e.g. to special tools, are not available in every language. "Common" tools like Adobe or Inkscape have pages in most languages, but the more exotic a tool is the greater is the chance to miss its page in languages with fewer pages. The old structure, with an own subtemplate for each tool and each language, can avoid red links when (at the time of the template's development) a special tool does not exist in a special sister project. With the new concept, one language template will be used for all devices, not knowing whether the page exists. When in a language the link to the tool is shown red, it can be seen as a request to generate the missing article.

Another solution could be to provide an I18 template with the entries for the tools, where every tool is represented either with a link or with plain text, depending on the current situation in every language.

In the old structure where each "Created with"-template could have a translation template for each language, special names (as e.g. Scribus "typeset") could be used language-dependent. This is now easier to perform with the topic element.

The dummy template Created with ...[edit]

This is rather an example template than something for real use. It can be used, for testing purposes, even with {{Image generation}} where it is invoked with either "..." or the abbreviation letter "J". Its default tool is Sodipodi, it can treat SVG, non-SVG and it can display codes. It shows all the translation subtemplates, and it shows examples with different topics and settings: when used in the language to be tested it displays examples for SVG, non-SVG, W3C-valid/invalid/uncheckable and large SVG. Therefore it is possible for somebody knowing a special language, to see on the first glance whether the translations work correctly.

Road map[edit]

  1. template:Created with ... ✓  Done
  2. all the ~53 templates for the languages:

000000– as many as possible are completed ✓ 

000000– for exotic languages help is needed  

  1. Changing of the SVG created with ... templates ✓  Done
  2. Changing of the other Created with ... templates ✓  Done
  3. Changing of the Taken with ... templates   Not yet ready
  4. Tagging the now obsolete language templates ✓  Done
  5. Mass delete request   Requested

Tanslation help[edit]

There are examples how to expand the internationalization templates, for languages with different grammatical properties. Genderless languages are of course easy, like the en version.
Examples for more complicated languages can as well be found (de fr es it pl pt nl ...); it may become necessary to expand the translations contained in the template:Igen/top.