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crop tops as a subcat of human navel[edit]

not sure if it's correct, as a system of organization to include this category as a subcat of human navel?

the problem is: not all images of croptops will show a navel

many of them will, arguably the majority, but not all; that raises the question of how to handle categories with partial (but not total) overlap, for sorting purposes.

2 ways i can see of going with tis, as a "standard procedure"

1. completely separate the cats, i.e.: human navel is one line of inquiry; crop top is a separate line, & images of crop tops with a visible human navel fit into both cats.

2. create a sub-cat for the overlap, i.e.: category:Croptops (style of shirt) with (human) navel visible, or Category:Human navel, subject is wearing a croptop (shirt)

neither option is ideal here, but mediawiki is sadly limited in its ability to sort information into a coherent, cross-indexed filesystem. that's a major long-term problem that wikimedia is going to have to work on...

'til then, we need working solutions for problems like this; if wmc is ever going to be taken seriously (by anyone outside of wikimedia), our system of organization needs to be to professional standards. it's useless collecting all this stuff, if people can't find what they need.

Lx 121 (talk) 17:39, 6 July 2009 (UTC)