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I have prepared a template to do comparisons. You can access that template in scalable vector graphic (SVG) file format at my own outside web page (because Wikipedia doesn't allow me to upload such an svg format file - it isn't supported by it): Templates (You need an Adobe browser plug-in, the address to it is given on that page).

Using that template you can draw in CorelDraw greater than 10 or in OpenSource : Sodipodi, Inkscape, comparisons of man vs. other dinos (18 figures for the main dino families).

Im agree

You can write any ideas in English on my discusion page (section "in English") (place there an address to yourself using this format [[:your_country_code:your_page_at_your_countries_wiki]] e.g: [[:pl:Wikipedysta:Piom]], in such way you don't have to make account on the Polish Wiki;-) ): Discussion.

An appeal[edit]

Please, if there is no reason to do otherwise, upload dinosaur images directly here instead of uploading them to your home wikipedias. Also, use category "Dinosauria" as the main category for dino images (and not category "Dinosaurs"). Thanks --Dudo 21:43, 16 March 2006 (UTC)


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