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The photo comes from the Internet, where it resides among all the other business chatter and hospital hoopla. These sites contain only plaudits, with little or no real information. There is also avant gard musical patter of the type that dazzles ignorant ears but says nothing. It seems as though Kriss is notable beyond question but like most notables now alive he has no sources but the usual sycophantic, empty phrases from people who make money off the patter. Kriss' article on WP contains only unreferenced and as yet unquestioned material. This situation is endemic to current events; after all, they have no recorded history. So, I was not able to locate such simple information as where Kriss is from. He is stuffed into Massachusetts, rightly or wrongly I could not ascertain. Most of his enterprises are in MA so I suppose he has a place in this category. Which locality is a GREAT secret so I am not going to try to put one in.Botteville (talk) 04:45, 8 November 2012 (UTC)