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Explanational videos:

So? How does ONE explain the visual effects of 'splitting the atom .. when it comes to audio. Or more specifically .. when one "splits" analogue audio into multiple "usable" variant channels .. fully electrically separated in their operation .. from any "other" audio channel derived from the same source.. Such that the physical electrical properties are completely OUT OF PHASE .. and electrically incompatible with any other channel .. in the one system. ie:

when a user 'takes a simple old 1960's 2ch stereophonic magnetic tape recording.. And physically PLAYS .. say? TEN variant channels .. electrically differently to any other ch in that system..?

AND THEN "sends" those electrical signals.. into filament lamps.. when then "GLOW & PULSATE" Directly in time & exactly replicating the audio source.. IN LIGHTS ..

yet every LAMP "flashes" and pulsates differently .. to any other lamp.

KNOWING .. that the ONLY signal source.. is derived from just 3 wires..

AND PLAYED .. direct - from an OLD 1960's magnetic tape player. 3 wires of "signal source. That provide TEN independant channels of (visual) AUDIO SIGNALS. In an analogue format.

Or: Would this work? ... Try googling this term:

10ch Visual Audio "analogue" in lights

[More SILENT surround as I keep teaching 10ch Analogue [1]]


Would you rather that was "shown" .. as 25 (twentyfive)independantly different visual chs.?


[Dreamscape 009 (25.7ch+64speakers) 01072011.mp4 Oops U caught me PLAYING again 8p5+10ch with 2SUBS [2]]

But don't worry eh... As it was ONLY filmed in truely basic MONO (via cellphone) .. So you can ONLY ever hear this video - in it's one ch "play_mode" audio -- (displayed on that 25ch visual effects video)



Oh .. and how then .. would THAT be Wikipedia style "catagorised".?

After all -- it is an "Explanitional" visual video QUIX4U (talk) 01:07, 7 May 2012 (UTC) QUIX4U (talk) 02:52, 7 May 2012 (UTC)