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I created this category because I thought this botanical garden is interesting and apparently not very well known. I have to say that I am very bad with all the technical manipulations in Wikimedia Commons. I just wanted to open this category for a very special botanic garden in a small town in Australia. I have absolute no knowledge about plants and flowers as to the taxonomy and other scientific stuff. I love to take photos of the plants and flowers I can see in every of my travels. I try very hard to learn the names of plants but I realise it is a big order and I am not making much progress. I take the opportunity to thank all the people, taxonomists especially, who do a fabulous job. For my part I am only able to give the right name of the plant when I can take a photo of the name written (and even then, I am not always sure the plant and the name go together as they are sometimes other flowers around...) So please bear with me. I am trying to bring to Wikimedia Commons the photos of the beautiful plants and flowers I am happy enough to see. I am unfortunately not able to give them their right name. I am always open for constructive critics and suggestions. And again: thank you to all the taxonomists for their incredible scope of knowledge, I am in awe. Dinkum (talk) 07:44, 1 January 2012 (UTC)