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IT WAS ME WHO PUT THE THO PICTURES OF MY ONCLE FRANZ SAN GALLI FIRST TO THE NET! Should evererybody use them without even a thanks ? Andreas Gruner

Finde ich schon lustig, dass hier zwei Bilder von meinem Onkel Franz San Galli gezeigt werden, die ich aufgetrieben und zuerst ins Netz gestellt habe.

It is very nice that you put these photos to the net. You have rigths that you should be given a thanks, so thank you very much!
But your known uncle photos are in Public Domain now because of their age. I think it is very good if more and more people will be know what a big person he was (see e.g. the article here (in Polish)). It would be very bad if the articles about your uncle were without his portraits. Regard from Szczecin (previous Stettin) where your big ancestor was born. We all from Szczecin are proud of him, too... Electron <Talk?> 10:46, 1 April 2009 (UTC)