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When one thinks of globalization they either think of the world coming together as one or the world coming to an end. It is true that we should all come together for a common good but sometimes it doesn’t come out that way in the end. At many times in our own lives we may come together to try to make change but in the end we end up making trouble. If we as a people do things for other countries not for the common good for both countries but only to look out for ourselves the belief in common good fails. This cartoon of globalization makes me think power and strength. The hand is the representation of any culture it could be India, America or even Japan. In the end globalization is going to be the fight for power and everyone knows what that ends up to be WAR. It is simply beautiful that some cultures meddle in other cultures affairs in order to help them out but it is not always the case in the end. As a culture or cultures we are selfish an only seek the interest of our own. The hands in a way are mocking; the word ONE which is underlined shows mockery. There can’t be only one because as much as we are all the same we are all different cultures each representing something different. It is not ok to make us all the same or to put us all in the same box. It would be an accomplishment and a miracle for all of us culturally to become one but what makes us beautiful is our differences. --SHERRELLEAGREEN (talk) 06:32, 5 October 2009 (UTC)