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How to DELETE a category from an image? [IGNORE THIS NOW... I FIGURED IT OUT--SEE BELOW][edit]

Why do images show up both under "Gymnothorax" AND the species (e.g., "Gymnothorax bacalladoi")? If you look at the page ([1]), ONLY the species name ("Gymnothorax bacalladoi") shows up as a category; "Gymnothorax" isn't even listed as a category for the page!!

"Gymnothorax bacalladoi" shows up both as a category AND as a subcategory of "Gymnothorax"; maybe I coded the [parent] category tags wrong [but I don't think so; to create a parent category, just edit the category itself and add a Category: tag, right?]?? (See, e.g.,

What gives?

(P.S.--I ask this in attempting to keep with the requested spirit of having each image categorized ONLY ONCE within a category tree--at the finest applicable resolution.)

AHA! I figured it out now: I added BOTH Taxonavigation AND "Category:Gymnothorax" to each species... OOPS!! Sorry 'bout that! Live & learn! (I'll fix the ones I screwed up...) Philiptdotcom 22:56, 14 October 2007 (UTC)