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I thnk that this should be merged lets say like, cat: NASA, and click on an image that says 'Hubble images'. DragonFire1024 is Jason Safoutin

I disagree, the HST is a joint project involving lots of different organisations. Which category would we merge it into? I think it is worthy of its own category. Originalwana (talk) 16:37, 1 July 2010 (UTC)

Copyright restrictions[edit]

According to images, audio and video found on the Hubble website fall into two classes:

  • Before January 1, 2008: media credited only to STScl or NASA are freely licensed; media with additional authors credited maybe copyrighted by those authors;
  • After January 1, 2008: all media created after this date without a notice of copyright restrictions will be freely licensed;
  • In all cases media with a notice of copyright restrictions added will be not freely licensed

See also Commons:Deletion requests/File:Pluto-map-hs-2010-06-c180.jpg and Commons talk:Licensing#Dubious PD-NASA licenses . Here is the extract from the Hubble site:

“Additional Notice Effective January 1, 2008 Individuals and institutions other than AURA/STScI and grantees of STScI whose work was funded by NASA are requested to state at the time they contribute materials for distribution on STScI websites whether they wish to claim any copyright restrictions. If they do not do so it will be assumed that no copyright restriction is claimed. Of course, such individuals and institutions will be given appropriate credit for their contributions. If they do claim copyright restrictions, an appropriate notice will be added to that particular material, and users who wish to down-load that material and distribute it further will have to obtain permission from the source of that material.”

-84user (talk) 23:46, 7 August 2010 (UTC)


I've started moving these images to subcategories (and sub-subcategories) like Category:Hubble images of nebulae, Category:Hubble images of quasars, etc. I'm a bit disadvantaged by not having any expertise in this area, so I've relied a great deal on the image descriptions themselves (and Wikipedia articles, when I feel like doing a little research). I'm sure I'm miscategorizing some of these... but what do you expect from free labor? [w] Other people, please help... - dcljr (talk) 04:55, 14 September 2010 (UTC)