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Request for comments[edit]

There seems to be some casualness here that is propagating some distinct errors of fact.

To start, the "International Code of Signals" (ICS) is a definite standard. ("For Visual, Sound, and Radio Communications".) It describes exactly 40 flags and pennants (see File:ICS-flags.png): 26 letter flags, 10 numeral pennants, three substitute flags, and the "code" pennant – and no others. Some of the flag images here are actually U.S. Navy (and NATO) flags (such as the square number flags). It is incorrect to represent those as ICS flags; they should be moved else where. (Perhaps to a "Naval signal flags" section?)

There are also various problems with the images. Is anyone interested in a broader discussion of how to improve this category? - JJohnson2 (talk) 20:00, 22 September 2009 (UTC)