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I first saw "Sadak in Search of the Waters of Oblivion" but John Martin in 1995 on the cover of a chemical supply book. Each year it was different and this year was John Martin’s 1812 masterpiece. I ordered it and it was 8" x 12" print. This painting just pulls you in. You start feeling the desperation of Sadak trying to get to the volcano, the headwaters of the River of Oblivion. He must reach it so to get the power to get his wife back from the evil sheik. I haven’t read the book. It was written in the 1700s . The colors on each print I’ve seen is different. Some have more red. My copy is about one inch longer that the one’s you can find on the web. At lease I can find it on the web. In 1995 there was nothing to be found. I am looking for a large lithograph and have not found any. John Martin has other paintings with the smallness of man compared to Nature. Most have religious story line. Looking at the painting, my heart hurts at the momentous task before Sadak. Love is a wonderful thing.