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Aim of this category[edit]

The Category:Lusatia was created to give Lusatian related media (mostly images) a good structure. Authors of articles should not search for images--they should find them. In case of questions, this page or the talk page of the Portal:Lausitz in the German Wikipedia might be good places to ask.

To do[edit]

Recurring tasks[edit]

  • Have a look at Category:Lausitz and move media in fitting sub-categories of this category.
  • Add a short description in your language to a category where ever it is missing.
  • Have a look at related articles in cs/de/en/pl Wikipedias. Are there new images? Are they on commons? If not, move them via Commons Helper. Do these images have proper categories? If not, change this!
  • Have a look at the higher categories (f.e. Category:Saxony, Category:Geography of Germany) and search for Lusatian related media.

Category talk[edit]