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Please remove[edit]

Please remove the horrible baby picture.

Okay then, the gallery of out-of-work penises from all over the world is growing steadily. I don't want to be misunderstood: I do not mind masturbation, I do not mind treating it in Wikipedia, I even don't mind showing photos or videos of this profoundly human action, and - being without a female partner myself - I feel deep compassion for all these "photo models" and their "owners". But is it really necessary to make out of Wikipedia an exhibition of "unemployed" cocks? Shouldn't it be possible to remove the bulk of photos and videos in low quality and with few expressiveness and informative value, leaving only - let's say - a dozen of really demonstrative photos, animated pictures and videos in good quality altogether and adding a few artworks dealing with the topic? (Maybe the collection of videos with masturbation methods could also be kept in a separate category, if the responsible administrators insist on going so far into details.) -- 09:58, 30 March 2011 (UTC)

Exactly my point! Why do we have here such an huge exhibition-fair of masturbation, while what we need is something just informative, just some best one few images (why not delete the other ones?). Simply most of them are not needed here, they are never used anywhere and are mostly unusable on any project. Just for the certitude-sake we should have some images of any topic have secured. That is our mission. Not so many ego-exhibicinistic files.
Let me cite from COM:CENSOR:
Photographs of nudity including male and female genitalia are sometimes uploaded for non-educational motives, and such images are not exempt from the requirement to comply with the rules of Commons' scope. If the images are of demonstrably inferior quality, or add nothing educationally distinct to the stock of such images we hold already, they may fail the test of being realistically useful for an educational purpose.
(See also COM:PORN and COM:PS#Must be realistically useful for an educational purpose)
This much here is just too much, just plain exhibicionism. It's weeding search results on different keywords here on Commons with unwanted profane content (while not needed). Try just search here on commons for something like "how it feels".
Its outrageous. Reo On (talk) 21:04, 24 February 2012 (UTC)