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The people of Edom currently setteled in the Savannah region of Nigeria. They are not a missintg race because I come from the tribe of Edom. The spelling has changed over the years from Idumea to Idoma. But the pronounciation is still thesame. The name Aduma is still widely used in the present Idoma. Esau whom the Idomas came from had two wives. He married from the land of Canaan. The first wife was called Ada. Ada is a name that is still commonly used by Idomas. Ada is the first daughter of any family in Idoma. The name Edom is pronounced Edorm which means "my kind of person". Elah is one of the princes of Edom. He was the son of Ada. But today, the spelling of Elah had changed but some people still spell it the old way. My surname is Elah, but the spelling has been changed to Ella. We are the people of Edom. Our tradition is thesame with the old testament tradition of Isreal. We have only one God who is in heaven. We traded in salt and worked with copper as copper was used as the currency at the time. We were told by our fathers that we left our land because of war. We are spread over three states in Nigeria. We teased those that went further south that they left us because they went to look for salt. Our women were very hairy with thick black hair before they started perming their hair with chemicals. The stripped Jewish cloth was our cloth until my father changed the colour to red and black. When I asked him why, he told me that it was because of the red soil. The soil of the area we settled in Nigeria is also very red. Some of our names sound very much like Isreali names, for example Eneta and Onyahu sound very much like Netanyahu. Our customs include the peace offering and sin offering and most of the practices by Isreal in the Old Testament.