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Workspace: Perry-Castañeda Library[edit]

Country Maps

   * Eritrea and Ethiopia 2009 (1.73MB)
   * Ethiopia (Political) 1999 (323K) and pdf format (331K)
   * Ethiopia (Shaded Relief) 1999 (223K) and pdf format (247K) File:Ethiopia shaded relief map 1999, CIA.jpg
   * Ethiopia (Shaded Relief) 1990 (317K) and pdf format (221K)
   * Ethiopia (Small Map) 2011 (15K) 

City and Detailed Maps

   * Addis Ababa U.S. Dept. of State 1986 (157K)
   * Omo River Region Portion of U.S. Army Map Service Series 2201, Sheet 20, 1980, original scale 1:2,000,000 (2.7MB) 

Regional Maps

   * Eritrea and Northern Ethiopia (Shaded Relief) 2000 (185K)
   * Eritrea and Northern Ethiopia (Shaded Relief) 1999 (321K) File:Eritrea and Northern Ethiopia shaded relief map 1999, CIA.jpg

Thematic Maps

   * Ethiopia - Economic Activity from Map No. 503188 1976 (138K)
   * Ethiopia - Population from Map No. 503188 1976 (127K)
   * Ethiopia - Vegetation from Map No. 503188 1976 (121K) 

Topographic Maps

   * 1:2,000,000 - Africa Topographic Maps U.S. Defense Mapping Agency
     Sheets 15, 20, 21 and 24 cover all of Ethiopia
   * 1:1,000,000 - International Map of the World U.S. Army Map Service
     This series covers most of Ethiopia. Clickable map
   * 1:1,000,000 - Operational Navigation Chart Series [Aeronautical Charts] Not for navigational use
     Sheets K-5, K-6, L-5 and L-6 cover Ethiopia


  • matching (Commons<>PCL)
  • naming on Commons, e.g. replacing ambiguous names like "map of xy" with more descriptive name including the date or the special purpose of the map - this are historic maps and a historic map cant have the pretence of universal/eternal validity.
  • adding appropriate description to often undescribed files from PCL.

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