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The problem with these mathematics pages seems to be, that the categories are a little bit confusing. some sort of site-tree, ie. something like a mindmap, of the catogory mathematics would help a lot. furhtermore, the categories should be standard mathematical fields - although that's not easy - with links and crosslinks. this should have been done first - even before starting to collect mathematical images. maybe I'll find some spare time to start this project. some pagenames have typos. these should be cut-and-pasted

English-Chinese bilingual resource for high school level math[edit]

If anyone is...

  • Trying to translate mathematics content on the English Wikipedia into Chinese
  • Trying to translate mathematics content on the Chinese Wikipedia into English
  • Adding Chinese-language terminology to mathematics-related content on the Wikimedia Commons
  • Trying to hold a mathematics-related discussion with a Chinese user

I have a source you can use (as long as it's high school level math - about Algebra I/Geometry level)

There are also similar dictionaries for Vietnamese and for Laotian but unfortunately they are not online yet (both say "PDF pending restoration")

WhisperToMe (talk) 13:43, 13 January 2015 (UTC)