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Château du Louvre vs. Medieval Louvre[edit]

The problem with using Château du Louvre to refer specifically to the medieval Louvre is that Château du Louvre has also been used to refer to the Louvre after 1528. A prime example is Louis Hautecoeur's 1927 book on the Louvre and Tuileries, titled: L'histoire des châteaux du Louvre et des Tuileries, tels qu'ils furent nouvellement construits, amplifiés, embellis, sous le règne de Sa Majesté le Roi Louis XIV, dit le Grand... OCLC 1748382. For this reason I am renaming the category to Medieval Louvre. I'm leaving this comment to explain why I am making this change to a category of such long standing. --Robert.Allen (talk) 06:58, 15 October 2015 (UTC)