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This category is entirely bogus.

There is no "meteor" hieroglyph and there has not even been any attempt to provide a Gardiner signlist code to back up this sad pretence.

I suggest that this category be removed forthwith and that the other contributions made by the individual or individuals responsible for this hoax be put under immediate review.

A determinative would have been preceded by some form of phoneme which would spell out the word - in this case "meteor" if it had existed.

The stele of Irtysen has been widely translated by scholars and I do not know of a single one which has mentioned anything to do with a meteor or meteorite.

The text outlines in great detail the various skills that Irtysen possesses as both an artist and a scribe and has nothing to do with astronomy on any level.

User:Xnsrwa (Discusion)
When I found the first photo, (for Irtysen), his Stele of Irtysen, his name was not on the photo File. I eventually found the temple that had the same style of hieroglyphs; (I don't remember the name of the temple, or the en:timeperiod for it either, but I think (I entered it), the photo in the Location Category where the tomb is.)....
The 2nd photo (with the hieroglyph) is a "gravestone", end-of-life stele about the (different)-Scribe-(probable author of the gravestone-stele?), and God en:Sobek, and also has the staircase hieroglyph, in the story. (I'm not addressing the question you posed. You, and I, both know what the Incense hieroglyphs are all about, (as well as the Ba-bird)....
(I just Googled "Stele of Irtysen" there is easy info on him (Called a "Master Craftsmen"-(obvious from the execution of his Masterfull stele)...Mmcannis (talk) 13:56, 22 August 2011 (UTC) (Copy)