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copied from User talk:JackyR

I'm not sure what your intent was, but the missions of California are known as the "California missions." I have made the appropriate changes. In the future, I would suggest starting a discussion before making sauch a fundamental change. Evrik 16:55, 19 February 2008 (UTC)

I'd love to discuss cats, but my experience of starting discussions on Commons is that people just don't check here often enough to get a decent discussion - even if one has slogged through putting messages on the pages of all contributors to all of the involved categories. But now you're here...

My intent is to create a structure that works for mission stations internationally, not just those in California, and also to reconcile the two previous cats: Category:California missions and Category:Missions in California (unfortunately when you reverted, you didn't do a "What links here" check, and left the latter category stranded), not to mention the WP page which calls them w:en:Spanish missions in California. There was also a need to break out categories such as Category:Mission churches, and possibly Category:Mission health centres, all under Category:Mission stations, because we had agricultural equipment and health centres appearing under Cat:Churches of... Category:Mission stations includes an appropriate definition, so that even if a building isn't named a "mission station", the category does its job of collecting like establishments.

There is also a need to reconcile Category:Mission, Category:Missions and Category:Christian mission. I've plumped for the latter, as descriptive and avoiding confusion with space missions, etc. The eventual plan is to have Category:Missions redirect to Category:Mission stations, with its contents distributed to appropriate subcats (as described at Category talk:Missions), but obviously comments about this are welcome.

Getting back to the California stuff. It would be OK to have a category Category:California missions even where everything else is of the form Category:Mission stations in New Zealand, etc, but there is some debate at w:en:Talk:Spanish missions in California about what a "California Mission" is, and some California establishments are designated otherwise. So I suggest we treat "California Mission" as a proper noun, with its own cat, and place it in the descriptive Category:Mission stations in California, which can then cover everything that has a missiony function in California. Proper names and technical designations of each non-Mission mission can be specified on the image pages (as eg at Image:Namwianga Mission.jpg).

This will, I hope, make the hierarchy accessible for users trying to shift from, say, mission establishments in Zambia to those in the US, without needing special knowledge of who administers what, and how, in California.

Btw, if we don't follow this, please don't forget to fix the double redirect created at Category:Missions in California. Cheers, JackyR 19:09, 19 February 2008 (UTC)

Also btw, Category:California missions is currently orphaned from Category:Mission stations in the United States, and pics of the actual churches are orphaned from Category:Mission churches in California, and thus unfindable by anyone moving down the Category:Churches by type hierarchy. Best, JackyR 16:35, 20 February 2008 (UTC)