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The illustration exhibits a very common misinterpretation of the international distress signal, namely that it is composed of a three-letter code S+O+S sent as separate letters. Such use is very, very wrong. For example, it will NOT trigger any automatic distress signal receieving apparatus.

Unfortunately there are a great number of worldwide links, that point to the incorrect illustration.

The correct distress signal is 3 short code elements immediately (no blank separator!) followed by 3 long code elements immediately (no blank separator!) followed by 3 short code elements. The professional representation of this is <SOS crowned by overline>. In many situations it is tricky or impossible to create an overline, so often this is replaced by underlining, which is easier to create. In so doing the non-professional reader might be misled to interprete this as just highlighting a three-letter code. Unfortunately this maltreatment is spread worldwide.

However, the illustration, exhibits a correct representation of the distress signal.


  • The incorrect picture to be discontinued and DELETED.
  • To avoid lots of worldwide "rotten links" pointing to the discontinued picture, it be replaced by a REDIRECT pointing to the correct picture. 19:48, 20 March 2008 (UTC)